Design Housing

Primary Stuctures of Design Housing

There are 3 primary structures of design housing as depicted by architect Norbert Ascoenauer in his epochal volume, ‘6.000 Years of Housing’. These 3 structures are the ‘Pre-Urban’ house, the ‘Oriental Urban’ house and the ‘Occidental Urban’ house.

Pre-Urban house
These kinds of domiciles comprise ephemeral lodging like the Innuit igloo, partially enduring places like the pueblo, and undeviating residence like the New England farmhouses.  

Oriental Urban house
Houses such as these were commonly advent during the ancient Greeks and Roman times, and were also discovered in India, China and various Islamic constituents.

Occidental Urban house
In the 19th and 20th centuries, Occidental houses comprise medieval urban domiciles like the Renaissance public housing and buildings. In that era, design housing materials utilized were unprocessed and plain.  

In the urban world, primary features have three vital category of house that possess their own ground-level admission and personal open room, and usually on an unconnected titles tract of land:-

  • Single family isolated houses – free position on all angles.
  • Semi detached houses or duplexes – domiciles which are connected, archetypal to a solitary house via a partition.  
  • Terraced house – this is also commonly known as town houses or row houses. These types of abodes are connected to others, normally in a row, and each one divided by a partition.

An archetypal home or house possesses more than a few rooms with particular purposes. These functions comprise a living/ dining space, an area for slumber and in many cases, specific rooms for washing and lavatory quarters.   

In the Unites States primarily, a typical modern home’s construction system comprise light-frame or rammed-earthed construction. Many houses still employ a majority of brick work and also quarried stones to build walls and partitions. Nowadays, the popularity of utilizing aluminum, light and heavy gauge steel framing, structural insulated panels and insulating concrete forms is fast rising.